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What IS wrong with buying a mobile home?

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 Заголовок сообщения: What IS wrong with buying a mobile home?
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The cost of single family homes are still very low in many parts of the country. If you buy a cheap mobile home, it won't last. If you buy a high quality one, it might be more expensive than a SFH in very good shape. One of the big benefits of buying a SFH with no HOA, as opposed to renting, is that when inflation rises you are still paying a set mortgage. One of my parents homes they bought for $30k in the early 70's and kept it 20 years before selling for 300k. The mortgage and property taxes were a few hundred dollars per month at the time. The comps in the neighborhood put it's current value at about $950k. It is located in a highly desirable location... If you rent your home, if you buy a mobile home but rent or lease the space or land, or even purchase a single family home on private or government leased land (these suckers exist as well!), or to a lesser extent you buy a condo or SFH with HOA fees, you lose the long term benefits of inflation working in your favor! One of the most common property types for owner financing is mobile homes in parks. People that are unable to even qualify for an apartment rental, let alone a mortgage, sometimes find this route to be one of their only options. So they pay through the nose for a tiny space that will just keep getting more and more expensive...

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