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Manufactured housing / mobile homes?

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 Заголовок сообщения: Manufactured housing / mobile homes?
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I have this idea to get an acre or two (about $20k around here) and put a new or pretty new mobile home on it. My total home price would be under $100k. I'm in Oklahoma so I would obviously get a storm shelter put in for about $2600. I know mobile homes depreciate, not appreciate, but we could have such low housing costs! Am I crazy? Anyone else try this? I have a beautiful and non-moustachian house at present. Check with your county and township to make sure they allow this, and for what zones. By us, you can't put a mobile home on anything less than 5 acres if it's zoned agricultural, which most acreage is. The 1-2 acre parcels zoned as residential can't have a mobile home on them. These rules tend to be common and, depending on your local government, difficult to get exceptions for. What kind of utilities are you planning for? A new well and septic can easily go over 20k, especially if you're looking at a mound septic system. There can also be five-figure expenses for running electric to a property that doesn't already have it. Electric or propane heat can get costly really fast, especially if you are used to natural gas prices.

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