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Insulating an older Mobile home

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I have an old 1978 single wide mobile home(no idea of mfg) I purchased it over a year ago. It has a Roof over and a 20x40 addition on the back.

Its Freezing cold though. There seems to be no insulation to speak of in the walls behind the paneling. We were planning to remove all the paneling and add insulation and then put up drywall, however after reading this forum Im not sure if we should use drywall??? The home sits on some blocks and still has the tires under there!

I never feel movement as the roof over is Very massive and the addition is large.

The floors are JUST the subfloor, much of it has been replaced with mdf or other low grade plywood. the former owner simply painted it after removing the carpets. The insulation that was under it...is mostly falling off.

So we need to insulate. Any tips on this. Are there special considerations for mobile homes? the trailer roof seems intact so I think were ok for insulation there.

Im hoping to cover the floor with laminate wood or hardwood. I figure tile is out of the question for this place. currently I can see the ground through a few of the seems.

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