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Dalex Auto Service -- Fort Nelson, BC???

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We were towed (I should say hauled) to Dalex Auto Service and RV Repair in Fort Nelson. I knew this was going to be a lengthy stay and DW and I were trying to figure out how to cope. That's when the shop owner, Todd Penny, came to the rescue. He parked us along side the building where we had 30 amp electric. He pointed out a water spigot inside where we could get water for our tank. All we needed to do now take care of the tanks. He then said we could use an onsite shower and facilities. That was it! Our accommodations were taken care of! So, he ordered the parts on the 28th of July and we waited--and waited. The parts were shipped on the 16th of August, 20 days later. Due to the incompetence of the shipping company, the axles sat on their dock in Fort St for six days! It seems a destination label for some other place mysteriously attached itself to the parts! Anyway, the axles arrived on the 31st of August (This is where the fodder for a whole nuther post topic begins). one of those businesses is Archie's Towing of Fort Nelson. They have the men and equipment to handle anything from travel trailer to diesel pusher. They loaded our fifth wheel on a flatbed and transported it 140 miles damage free.

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