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Why A Motorhome Makes Sense When You’re In The Path

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Everyone who owns a motorhome has a friend who asks multiple questions when they learn you’ve just purchased a RV:

What are you going to do with that thing? Where are you going with your motorhome? And most inevitably, What were you thinking?

Yes, our non-motorhoming friends simply may not understand our sense of adventure or the benefit of having a house on wheels that can be relocated on a moment’s notice.

Having lived in Florida for twenty years, when I purchased my first motorhome, I felt that one of the benefits of ownership was that it would be the ideal mode of comfortable transportation in the case of an evacuation such as the one that Florida and surrounding States are experiencing with Hurricane Irma. Another benefit is having a mode of travel that’s much more luxurious than flying on crowded airlines…but that’s another story for another day.

With a motorhome, you can pack a family with all the necessities, drive out of harm’s way and end up having an adventure that will most likely end up being a wonderful story to tell your non-motorhome owning friends upon your return. But, like anything else, the success of the outcome relies on detailed advance planning.

Another benefit is that even if you wait until the last moment to evacuate and find yourself attempting to navigate through gridlocked traffic, having a refrigerator, kitchen and yes, a bathroom will evacuation a somewhat comfortable experience.

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